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Many blogging, content management, ecommerce and other packages use unfriendly URLs.

For example

This may make it harder for website visitors to remember links to individual pages on your website and for search engines to find your content.

You can present friendlier, easier to remember, search engine friendly URLs to your website visitors by using mod_rewrite on our shared Linux servers.

Example with mod_rewrite:

mod_rewrite with third-party software

If you use a relatively recent PHP blogging or content management system, it's likely that you'll be able start using friendly URLs straight away. Many other packages also have built-in support for friendly URLs with mod_rewrite.

Your software's documentation will show you how to start using mod_rewrite.

mod_rewrite with your own scripts

Our servers use Apache's standard mod_rewrite, enabling you to create applications that are user friendly, search engine ready and help to reduce malicious access to the inner workings of your code.

You can find further details on how to implement mod_rewrite at:

Each search engine and directory has its own process for including websites. Once TrafficDriver has submitted your site to a search engine or directory, it can take up to eight weeks, before your site is listed.

Although TrafficDriver will submit your site, certain elements of your website can prevent you from securing a high ranking. Our keyword suggestions and optimisation advice help you to overcome this.

This manual provides an overview of the MatrixStats product plus a comprehensive guide to its unique features.

Making the most of your website content.

Your website's keywords sum up its content and the services that you offer. The best way to determine which keywords to use for your site is to imagine what words your customers would use to search for your services.


To build your list of keywords, think over the services you offer, the types of customer you serve and the geographic area you're located in. Once you have a long list, you can order it by relevance and, from that, select the keywords to use on your site.


We also have a quick start guide to help you make the most of your website.


Most search engines impose a limit of twenty five keywords. Others judge the relevance of individual keywords against the number of keywords provided.

Each search engine and directory has its own policy for the inclusion of a website. The major search engines include most sites submitted to them.

If your website has low text content, or deals with a very popular subject, it is likely that you can't find your website in a search engine because it doesn't associate your site with the search terms.

The keyword and optimization advice offered by the higher TrafficDriver plans will help you to alter your site to ensure that the search engines know to associate it with the right search terms.


We also have a quick start guide to help you make the most of your website.

Metatags help search engines to know what your site is about. Although  the actual textual content of your site is the most important element,  metatags enable search engines to more accurately rank your website.

Before your site will appear in search engine rankings they need to know that your website exists.

Once a search engine knows that your site exists, it will send a software robot to visit your site. The robot will log the content of your website, ready to present to users who are searching for relevant information.

If a known website links to your site some search engines will follow this link and find your site, however this will not work for all search engines and can take a long time to take effect.

Another method is to manually submit your site to search engines, each search engine will have a separate method of online submission such as:

Occasionally, websites can drop out of search engines and directories. Regular resubmission ensures that your site is present in as many search engines as possible.

Some search engines and directories also require regular submission, in order to maintain a high position.

Our TrafficDriver service will automatically keep your site submitted to many search engines allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your website design

The design of your website can have an effect on its search engine rankings.

When a search engine's robot visits your website it will analyze the content of each page, logging the words and phrases which appear most often. If the design of your site makes it difficult for the search engine to judge the topic of your page - e.g. if you use graphics files to display text - it can have a negative effect on your search rankings.

Redesigning your website can improve your search engine rankings, however, it won't affect your TrafficDriver service.

If you currently have TrafficDriver Basic or High, upgrading to TrafficDriver Super or TrafficDriver Extreme can help you to see how search engine friendly your new design is. Alternatively, if you already have TrafficDriver Super or Extreme, the original advice given about your old design can help you with your redesign.