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Solving Plesk DNS Issues - named.conf
Posted by on 20 February 2013 06:24 PM

Plesk DNS named.conf Issue - Zone file and corresponding record in named.conf are missed for particular domain.


Bind DNS server is used. There is no entry in named.conf for some domains, there also no zone file for it in the %plesk_bin%dns\var folder. If records are created manually they will be removed the next time Plesk updates named.conf.

The following tutorial will guide you through the cause and resolution for solving Plesk DNS issues with any domain accounts that are not resolving properly.

When the DNS zone for a domain is managed via Plesk, the status for this domain in the dns_zone table of the database is temporarily set to a value of 2 (to lock it for any further changes) and is then set back to a value of 0 value when the changes are processed. If for some reason the process is interrupted (Plesk restarts for example) the status field value may not get changed back to 0 and stays as 2. Therefore any changes are no longer recorded until the status is changed back to 0.

Resolution: Editing the Plesk DNS zone database

Please note: to isolate database issues with Plesk and your own web services (MySQL or MS SQL), we recommend and setup Plesk to use MS Access databases. If you have setup Plesk to use MySQL or MS SQL databases you will need to use your preferred database viewer to find the necessary DNS zone table. You can view MS SQL instructions below.
  1. To view and edit the Plesk DNS zone database you will need to use an MS Access database viewer such as MDBPlus, and then open up the pleskmain.db located at:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\db - Note: password is the same as Plesk admin login.
  2. Check dns_zone records for the problem domain's entry ( for example):
    1. if there are multiple entries for the same domain; remove the entry that has the incorrect setting of 2;
    2. if there is only one entry for the domain, adjust the value in the "status" column from 2 back to 0.
  3. Save the database.
  4. Go back into Plesk and navigate to the DNS zone settings tab for the affected domain.
  5. Select "Restore Defaults" to rebuild the appropriate entries for the domain

You should now be able to resolve the domain correctly.

For Plesk installations setup to use MS SQL as the default Plesk database:

  1. Login via MSSQL Server Management Studio Express or your preferred MS SQL management tool.
  2. Expand the Plesk database.
  3. Expand the "tables" section.
  4. Scroll down to "dbo.dns_zone", right-click on this and choose "open table"
  5. Delete or modify the erroneous entry as in Step 2. above.
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