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DNN 9 and the Persona Bar
Posted by DNN4Less Support Engineer Jessie on 25 January 2017 10:45 AM

As many of you know DNN version 9 was released on December 8th,2016 and the host and admin control panel have quite a different look and feel.  This new control bar is called the Persona Bar, and contains all of the features that you had in the the CONTROLBAR or RIBBONBAR.  For your reference DNN Corp has a good article mapping where items were located in the old toolbar to the new toolbar. 


Check out the link here: 


Also if you have not had time, come check out our new website 


DNN4less - Hosting Done Right



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DNN Security Advisory : Rogue Host Accounts
Posted by DNN4Less Support Engineer Jessie on 26 May 2016 02:29 PM

DNN Security Advisory: Rogue Host Accounts

It has come to our attention that a vulnerability recognized by DNN Software in early 2015 has resurfaced and can be exploited again by a new mechanism. This will require action to be taken by DNN administrators to prevent unauthorized access to your DNN site.  Click here to view the DNN Software article from 2015.

The vulnerability can allow an attacker to:

> Create a New Host Account

> Update Host records and tables

> Clear SMTP Settings

> Upgrade or alter installed modules


Who is Affected?

Any DNN site that is running any version for DNN Platform or Evoq.


What can I do to prevent this from happening to my DNN site?

1. To prevent this vulnerability from being exploited on your DNN installation delete the following 11 files:













2. Go to Host > Host Settings > Other Settings under Allowable File Extensions > Ensure that the .aspx extension is Not uploadable.

3. Reveiw your superusers at Host > SuperUser Account and remove any unauthorized users.

4. Search the root and subfolders for any suspicious .aspx or .php files.  Make sure not to delete any files that may be required for DNN to run properly.


I host my site with DNN4Less, do I need to worry about anything?

Our dedicated technicians have gone through all DNN Installations that we host and have ensured the 6 files have been deleted from the /Install folder which should prevent the sites from being exploited.  We recommend checking steps 2-4 on your installations.


DNN Corp has released Evoq 8.4.2 and DNN Platform 8.0.3 to further mitigate the issue.  Please contact support at if you would like your site upgraded to the latest version.


Thank You

DNN4less Support team





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DNN 8.0 Released
Posted by DNN4Less Support Engineer Jessie on 22 January 2016 11:02 AM

DotNetNuke 8.0.0 released on January 14th and will be installed for you with any of your hosting plans.  If you would like to upgrade from your current version just let us know and our experienced technicians will take care of that for you.


New In DNN 8.0

Content Personalization

Page-Level Content Analytics

Centralized Access to Content Repositories

Flexible Content Layouts


You can see more features of the new version on the DNNCorp site Click Here


DNN4less always stays up to date with the latest versions.  Get started today with one of our plans for as little as $8.33/mo.  

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DNN 7.4.2 to release soon and DNN 8.0 in August
Posted by DNN4Less Support Engineer Jessie on 30 July 2015 04:21 PM

DNN4less prides itself on keeping up with the latest versions of DNN that are released by DNN Corp.  Version 7.4.2 is a stabilization release and is due to release any day.  Version 8.0 is slotted to release in August and adds many new and exciting features


New In DNN 8.0

Content Personalization

Page-Level Content Analytics

Centralized Access to Content Repositories

Flexible Content Layouts


You can check out more on DNN/EVOQ 8 on the DNNCorp site Click Here


Rest assured that when you sign up for hosting with DNN4less you will be getting the latest version with all of the latest features.  Get started today for as little as $8.33/mo Click Here

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See you at DNNCon 2014
Posted by DNN4Less Support on 05 November 2014 10:46 AM



DNN4less is a Platinum Sponsor at DNNCon this year and are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.  Please stop by our booth and visit with one of our knowledgable technicians. 


DNNCon is a free one day event that promotes DNN user knowledge on number of topics.  The day includes a sessions for developers, designers, marketers, business owners, and system implementers.  Come check it out and meet connections in the DNN community, and don't forget to have a little fun.  Hope to see you there.


For more information please visit .

DNNCon 2014

West Palm Beach, FL

November 7th and 8th


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